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Finding Joy in the Everyday: Océanne empowers women through bold, curated merchandise By Carly McFadden

Océanne offers a mix of giftables like self-care items, home décor, apparel and kids’ offerings. All photos courtesy of Anne Harrill.

Anne Harrill founded Océanne, in part, to regain her voice after leaving her home in France. What evolved was a company that champions other women do the exact same.

Harrill lived in France and moved to the U.S. shortly after college to immerse herself in the English language. While stateside, Harrill turned to jewelry-making to fill her spare time — first as a hobby, then as a side gig.

During her time in the U.S., Harrill met the man she would ultimately marry. She settled in Cleveland, and Océanne became an avenue for Harrill to express her style and culture while beginning her own family and life abroad.

Harrill launched Océanne in 2017 as a jewelry studio situated on Cleveland’s west side. As her brand grew, Harrill increased the square footage to evolve into a one-stop retail destination with giftables, apparel, baby and plush, self-care and wellness items, home décor, fragrance and candles, and her signature jewelry, which is still made on-site.

Océanne has flourished since its founding, expanding to three locations throughout the area.

Océanne All photos courtesy of Anne Harrill.


Océanne’s offerings include a mix of sourced products and original lines. Its selection is heavily inspired by Harrill’s French culture and aims to empower women to speak up, act boldly and confidently take up space in society.

Océanne’s original jewelry is made on-site at the store.
Océanne’s original jewelry is made on-site at the store.

“When I first moved here, I felt like I had lost my voice and my culture,” Harrill said. “So when I first started [Océanne], whether it was apparel or messaging on mugs, there was something about making statements and feeling like we’re part of this women’s movement and encouraging each other. That was really important to me — it still is — and so is showing diversity and acceptance through our products.”

Harrill utilizes Faire as both a buyer and seller, sourcing Océanne’s products while also selling her own jewelry collections. Gifts like apparel, coffee table books and natural beauty products greet shoppers upon arrival. Wellness journals from Designworks Ink and Papier line the boutique’s shelves alongside home décor products such as Danica Studio trinket trays and Creative Co-Op glass vases.

Turn the corner and one will find Océanne’s babies and kids area, laden with sustainable, high-quality products such as bamboo sleepers, Warmies plush and French toy brand Sophie La Girafe.

While Harrill has embraced her new home with several Cleveland-specific products that sell well in the area, her global perspective naturally exudes through the merchandise selections, with French sayings donning much of Océanne’s home décor, apparel and giftables.


“Having some of the messages in French shows to me that we’re part of something bigger,” Harrill said. “Sometimes we feel like we’re alone and fighting a battle, but having a different language represented just is a reminder that we’re not, and I feel like it opens your world perspective.”

As Harrill sources products, she aims to ultimately curate a selection that not only empowers customers but also reminds them to celebrate “la joie de vivre” — the joy of the everyday (or the joy of living) — from candles to glassware to loungewear.

“Especially as I’m getting older, I appreciate slowing down and taking in ordinary moments,” she said. “I love the thought of creating a home and elevating any experience. You can of course drink out of any glass, but what if the glass has an [uplifting] message? … I’m always looking for ways to make daily life special and enjoy the objects that you use every day.”


OcéannePrior to Océanne’s founding, Harrill was in search of a community that felt like home. Today, she is now instrumental in nurturing that community and bringing women together. Océanne hosts events throughout the year, ranging from entrepreneurial gatherings to book readings to sip-and- shop nights.

“We usually host events that celebrate women or the community with a theme and always try to collaborate with small local businesses,” Harrill said.
In March, for example, the retailer hosted “Une Soirée à Paris,” an evening filled with personalized berets by a local designer, a classic French red lip and lashes by a Cleveland-based makeup artist, cocktails, permanent jewelry and private shopping.

Harrill’s experience is unique, but through Océanne, it has resonated with women across the city. One of the boutique’s signature lines is “Cleveland is my Paris,” demonstrating the merging of cultures and proving that community can be fostered anywhere.

“It’s a dream come true. I just can’t believe it — looking back to the feeling I had when I first moved here to now, I’m just so humbled,” Harrill said. “I love being part of the community. I love sharing who I am and where I’m from. It feels so special to share a little piece of where I’m from and my culture, and having people love it and respond how they have.”

Carly McFadden

Carly McFadden is the editorial director of Gift Shop Plus, Stationery Trends and Lawn & Garden Retailer.

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