Ignite sales with balloons, party centerpieces By Jess Schmidt

{Sponsored} The party and retail industries saw their fair share of evolution in 2020, from a shift to virtual parties and shopping to a complete change in the bestselling items they stock. The industry has weathered the storm despite the odds, and continuing to be profitable in these trying times is important for all brick-and-mortar stores. These days, retailers are working with trickier margins on many goods and services and a reduction in foot traffic in stores due to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.Wedding-LED-Centerpieces

A perennial staple of party stores, balloons are a niche that can be a profit center for any retailer. Matt Woodruff, executive director of Party Supply USA who owns multiple brick-and-mortar party stores, says that balloons make up 60% of the sales at their stores. At over 500% mark-up for uninflated balloons or even more for helium-inflated balloons, they are a profit center that retailers can’t ignore.

The keys to capturing balloon sales

  1. Use balloons to market balloons: Balloons are often used by retailers to signal a big sale or special event. But they can also be the attention-getter stores need in order to promote the fact that they also sell balloons. Bright and tall bouquets of balloons are eye-catching and call shoppers in from the street — or parking lot — and bring in business that may have otherwise passed up a store.
  2. Offer the right options: Cater to your clientele with balloons that make sense with your current offerings. Foil numbers are always popular, but children’s boutiques can offer licensed characters or animals. Rose gold foil is particularly popular in metallic this year.
  3. Use lifestyle shots: In advertisements or vignettes in the store, create the image that tells the story of how consumers can include balloons in their celebration.
  4. Offer balloons: As Woodruff says, “balloons sell themselves.” Party stores are few and far between these days, so balloons could be the niche that sets apart a gift shop from another. When customers see that they can one-stop-shop for their party supplies while they shop for a gift, they won’t need to spend money at other stores.

A new balloon product enters the market

Latex, foil, shapes and numbers are ubiquitous in the world of balloons. Combining the brightness and motion of balloons with lighting, however, is the new way to take balloons up a notch.

The brand-new LED Centerpiece from Party Supply USA combines eye-catching strings of LED lights with a bright pop of balloons for an all-in-one package with Birthday-LED-Centerpiecesa single price. The balloons don’t require costly helium to stay upright, and the centerpieces are easy to set up. With a variety of LED colors available, they will work for any type of party. They’re priced to sell at a high mark-up, with a wholesale cost of $7.50 and a retail price of $19 to $25. For party planners, they’re a major money-maker as they can be reused with fresh balloons many times.

For the LED centerpieces and other balloons, Woodruff says the profit margins are “astronomical,” which puts them in the unique position of being a valuable addition to any retail store.

About Party Supply USA

Party Supply USA is a supplier to party stores and retailers in the U.S., with products that span all of the needs a party planner or home party aficionado might need. Their pricing model is such that any retailer can turn a profit on the items they carry.

In addition to every sort of balloon imaginable, Party Supply USA sells glow products, table covers, bubbles, place settings and more. As part of the Party Supplies Group family, Party Supply USA is in the unique position of being able to cater to PCA members, wholesale buyers and the PSA.

To learn more about the products offered by Party Supply USA and their fabulous pricing model, visit www.partysupplyusa.com.

For details on how you can get even better deals on party supplies through the premier party buying group, Partly Club of America, visit www.partyclubofamerica.com

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