Creative Heart Studio Halloween balloon art.

It’s All in the Details By Debbie Eisele

Q&A with Lilly Jimenez, co-owner of Creative Heart Studio

After 10 years of being a children’s event planner, Lilly Jimenez realized that she wanted to do something creative with her artistic passion that allowed her more flexibility and time with her family. Creative Heart Studio was born out of this desire in 2017 and has been going strong ever since.

Lilly Jimenez, co-owner of Creative Heart Studio
Lilly Jimenez, co-owner of Creative Heart Studio. Photos courtesy of Creative Heart Studio.

“I think the one thing I always feel is most important for people to know about me is that I truly believe not all celebrations have to be over the top… but a few grand small details go a long way,” Jimenez shared.

Tell us about Creative Heart Studio.

The Creative Heart Studio is a content creation business. I create digital templates to make balloon pieces, oversized props and different DIY projects for celebrations.

Birthday balloon art from Creative Heart Studio

What are your best-selling products?

Best-selling products are all the digital templates, especially Balloon Mosaic™️ templates. Balloon Mosaic™️ is the creation I invented in 2017. It’s a 3D shadow box like structure, made of Foamboard. I create different designs and they are typically filled with balloons and used for celebrations.

Creative Heart Studio's unicorn balloon art

What are the top party trends moving into 2022 and are there any popular themes emerging?

As always, birthdays are the front runners. I have noticed that birthdays are being celebrated at a much smaller scale but more detailed and elaborate. I’ve seen a few (trends) but nothing really that is sticking like unicorns did a few years ago.

Creative Heart Studio pink, black and orange Halloween balloon art.

What are the trends for balloon art and décor?

I think for the most part, organic balloon installations, balloon mosaics and ceiling installations will stick around for a bit.

Creative Heart Studio's creative Valentine's Day balloon art.

What are the most popular balloon colors moving into the new year?

All the muted and muddy colors are going strong. I do think in the new year there will be a play on really bright colors mixed with their muted counterparts.

Creative, unique balloon decor in the shape of a taco. Created by Creative Heart Studio.

Do you have any balloon installation tips to share?

I always think it’s important that balloon installations flow in the space; that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s important to make them feel as an elevation to the space. From a technical perspective, to make sure it’s secure! I’m always so nervous about installations being durable and lasting.

Pie shaped balloon art from Creative Heart Studio. Photo by @weelovephotography.
Photo by @weelovephotography

Do you have any tips in creating a cohesive party theme?

Start with a great color scheme, above all. “Theme” itself will read through effortlessly if the color palette is strong.

Festive decor created by Creative Heart Studio.

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