Spring 2010
On The Cards By Sharon Naylor

Greeting cards include a mix of time-honored staples and newer trends. Here’s a look at the latest trends in this important stationery segment.

Pop Up
Bells and whistles in paper engineering make for eye-popping cards.

Up With Paper

A New Dimension
Fabric and lace overlays add for a fun 3-D look to cards. They also make for a more tactile experience.

Tori Higa for iSanctuary

Get That ‘Green’
Eco-consciousness drives many consumers’ purchasing, and when it comes to paper products of any kind, going green brings in the green.

Loose Petals

Appeal to Their Nature
Images of flowers, trees and birds cater to the consumer’s desire for a soul-soothing greeting card. Look for cards made with dried petals and other gifts from nature.


Once More, With Feeling
The new hot sellers feature textured paper with embossing, glossy covers and foil stamping.

Brush Dance Inc.

Cute is Not Just for Kids
In a world of fast-paced action, bright colors and stimulating visuals, soft line drawings of adorable monkeys, elephants, and koalas provide sweet relief for adults as well as for kids.

Tomoko Maruyama

Make ‘Em Laugh
Humor will always rule especially in these trying times when we can all use a smile. Snafu Designs will package a collection of their best-selling humor cards for your display, and check out the new releases in perennially popular collections from Oatmeal Studios and Preston Paper.

Go Blank
Many a card has failed to reach a buyer’s basket because the inside sentiment failed to impress, even with a lovely image on the cover. Close that sale now by stocking up on pretty-cover cards that are blank inside. A blank card provides that one thing that has catapulted interactive e-cards into the masses: the chance to inscribe your own heartfelt messages, plus the priceless touch that an e-card lacks: the beauty of the giver’s handwriting and signature. These cards become cherished keepsakes.

Music To Their Ears
Audio cards with hidden sound chips that play popular songs, or well-known lines from movies, offer a ‘soundtrack’ to a card’s message.

Cut It Out
Laser-cut, intricately cut-out cards like ones from Galison in white or bright colors [impress the artistic-minded customer, particularly the scrapbooker who appreciates the fine detail in laser-cut lattice and lace overlays.

Sharon Naylor

Naylor is the author of 30 wedding books, including Your Special Wedding Vows and Your Special Wedding Toasts.SharonNaylor.net

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