Aug 12, 2022
Faire launches its Showroom experience

Faire, an online wholesale marketplace serving independent retailers around the world, announced the launch of its Showroom experience, a curated destination for retailers to shop premium fashion brands on the platform. Until now, apparel wholesale tools have been built to support big box businesses, with few options for sourcing standout brands. Showroom is for independent retailers searching for curated styles from the top apparel and footwear brands globally.

“From the texture of the fabric to the placement of the seams, independent retailers are known in their communities for sourcing curated and hand-selected products that they know their customers will love,” said Lauren Cooks Levitan, CFO of Faire. “Through this simple and inspiring experience, Faire Showroom empowers our customers to lean into their superpowers and helps to further fuel the growth of entrepreneurs everywhere.”

For Faire brands, Showroom presents an opportunity to highlight the quality of their materials and craftsmanship to retailers. Showroom brands receive an exclusive badge and are showcased in a dedicated space in the marketplace. Showroom brands are also featured alongside other premium apparel and footwear brands, making their merchandise easily discoverable by retailers looking for new contemporary fashion lines for their stores.

Showroom Review Process

Showroom brands, like Tradlands (U.S.) or Nitah (France), are reviewed by Faire’s editorial team for their fabric selection, precise fit, and thoughtful construction. Faire’s editorial team uses a standardized review process to evaluate each apparel and footwear brand included in the Showroom experience. Each brand is carefully vetted by Faire’s team based on the following criteria:

Fabric quality

  • Faire reviews fabric composition, weight, and texture, and the inclusion of natural fibers like cotton, silk, cashmere, and leather as indicators of quality.

Precise fit

  • Faire looks at tailored details like darts, seams, and topstitching, as well as how an item drapes to provide movement.

Thoughtful construction

  • Faire inspects everything from zippers and linings to ensure each item is designed and produced with care.

“As a scaling business, Tradlands is honored to be included among a curated selection of premium brands featured in Showroom. We are confident that this level of engagement on Faire will allow us to connect with high-caliber retailers who appreciate our commitment to quality. Wholesale is still a relatively new opportunity for us and we very much look forward to establishing a strong wholesale channel with Showroom.”

The Showroom experience is available to retailers in each of the 19 markets Faire operates in around the world. For more information on Showroom, visit

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