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Winter 2020
Masculine Appeal By Debbie Eisele

Bath and body products gear up to pamper and cater to men in 2020

Makers are crafting more bath and body products for men, as they enjoy pampering just as much as women do. Yet when it comes to shopping they may require some assistance in finding just the right product. Retailers can capture sales by highlighting merchandise in a way that is easy to peruse and purchase. Read up on trends, top-sellers and display advice from some makers, and wow the men with offerings and helpful information in this category.

2020 Trends

Karen Minsky, brand manager for Dionis, explained it created a men’s line that offers moisturizers and creams due to the market demands in this category. Although shaving products are still big, this year Minsky said moisturizers take the lead in popularity. 

Dionis Mens Skincare Line
Dionis offers men Hand Cream, Moisturizing Hand + Body Cream and Sole Soother.

Dionis’ men’s line offers a Hydrating Body Moisturizer and Hand & Body Cream. “Men want body treatments too. Men are looking for simple, lightweight and something that smells good. They want to keep hydrated and repair that dry skin,” she said. “It’s a rich and creamy application to keep skin feeling moisturized at all times with no greasy residue.”

B.Witching Bath also offers a variety of products with a masculine focus. “Our collections include lotions, shower gels, shaving and therapy-based products,” said Barbara Bruce-Ross, president and CEO. These products contain organic ingredients and essential oils and are manufactured in a USDA organic-certified lab.

Rinse Bath Body Beard Kit
Rinse Bath + Body offers a Beard Kit for men’s grooming needs.

Clean personal care items are on tap at Rinse Bath & Body, where it offers Beer Soaps, beard products including a soap, oil and balm, and Peppermint Shave Soap. “Our line was designed with everyone in mind, so our packaging design tends to appeal to everyone, but we know men like products made specifically for them, so we have some of those too,” said Heather Swanepoel, Rinse Bath & Body founder. “A specific scent collection called Rugged, which includes soaps and skin sticks, is popular. And overall, beard and facial care products are popular — we don’t see that changing any time soon.”

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Leslie Bradford-Scott, CEO for Walton Wood Farm, noted men’s grooming, “manscaping” and fragrance offerings are a good revenue source. “Our eye-catching labels and packaging are designed to appeal to women who buy gifts for men,” she said. “Hemp seed oil, as an ingredient, is a hot ticket in men’s personal care. It’s an anti-inflammatory and has moisturizing benefits.”

Walton Wood Farm mens products
Men Don’t Stink Soap, Gentleman Shave Soap, and Date Night Solid Cologne from Walton Wood Farm are paired up in ready-to-go gift bags.

Product offerings are important, but so is the olfactory appeal. The freshness theme is gaining momentum according to B.Witching Bath. “Men are looking for scents that resonate with nature, and are showing more of an interest in fresh air, ocean blended scents, such as Waves & Driftwood, and a touch of spice,” Bruce-Ross said.

Dionis also noted pure scents are a draw. “Fresh and clean is in, especially musk and cedar wood scents,” Minsky said. 

Subtle fragrances are also emerging, according to Rinse Bath & Body. “We are working with a lot of warmer and personable scents for both men and women in 2020,” said Swanepoel.

Harry D. Koenig & Company. Inc Bamboo Handle Shave Set
Bamboo Handle Shave Set from Harry D. Koenig & Company. Inc.

Walton Wood Farm also noted “gentle fragrances that don’t overpower other people’s personal space — peppercorn, vanilla, and bergamot — are popular.”


Rinse Bath & Body’s: Beer Soaps, Beard Oil and Organic Muscle Rub

Dionis: The Sole Keeper Balm, Hand & Body Cream and Body Moisturizer

Walton Wood Farm: Date Night Solid Cologne, Men Don’t Stink and Boys Don’t Stink giant bar soaps

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Merchandise Display Tips

Dionis: Display in an area that men typically go to for other items, not just skincare.  Include our tester so they can try it. That will ensure he buys it.

B.Witching Bath Co.: Keep your displays SIMPLE, use clear straight-forward signage and product labeling. Men get overwhelmed with complex displays. They want to hunt it, grab it and take it home.

Rinse Bath + Body: Remember who you are marketing your men’s products to: is it to the man or a woman who is purchasing it as a gift? We love to incorporate appropriate theming with our men’s products like empty beer bottles and beer caps in with our beer soaps. Other materials that you can’t go wrong with include wood and metal.

Walton Wood Farm: Have testers easily available and properly marked. Check them from time to time to make sure the scents haven’t gone off. Testers are touched by a lot of people and exposed to unfavorable conditions, so they need to be kept fresh. Curate gift bags at holiday time with pre-set items, and make pricing easy to find.

Retailers have an opportunity to increase sales with the men’s bath and body category. Showcase merchandise in stores with great signage, as it is an opportunity to gain new customers and offer additional products to loyal customers. 

Debbie Eisele

Debbie Eisele is Managing Editor for museums&MORE, Party & Halloween Retailer, and Gift Shop Pets and Senior Retail Editor for Gift Shop Magazine and Stationery Trends.

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