Summer 2020
Nature Nurture By Regina Molaro

Growing demand for wellness and plant-based ingredients fuels the market for CBD/hemp items.

CBD (cannabidiol) and hemp are buzzwords in an assortment of products from skincare and cosmetics to candles, pain relievers, and beyond. They’ve gained entry to the marketplace thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp and its derivatives with 0.3% or less of the psychoactive compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), from the “marijuana” classification in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Controlled Substances Act.

According to BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, the collective market for CBD sales in the U.S. will exceed $20 billion by 2024. The plant-derived ingredients align with the “Conscious Consumption” trend in Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends report. The market research firm expects skincare to remain a key driver in beauty.

“CBD/hemp is one of the trends in the growing demand and awareness for a balanced, healthy lifestyle,” said Rhonda Kane, director of sales for Northern Lights, a candle company in Wellsville, New York. “It’s in a massive growth curve,” added Kelly Perkins, president and CEO of Spinster Sisters Co., a skincare company in Golden, Colorado.

Like all health, wellness, beauty, and food purchases, consumers must do their research. Beyond determining the THC or CBD content, Serge Chistov, investor of Oak Creek, co-based Honest Marijuana Co., suggested reading labels, asking questions, checking sourcing, and requesting a supplier certificate of analysis (COA).

Hemp Theory pain relief from Honest Marijuana
Honest Marijuana’s top-selling Powerful Fast Pain Relief Hemp Cream utilizes high-quality hemp oil.

Spinster Sisters Co.’s Perkins said the COA should indicate levels of CBD, pesticides, and heavy metals; CBD levels should be listed on the front panel; and products should have a QR code that links to the COA.

The ecologically responsible company Honest Marijuana traces its history back to 2014. Committed to zero-waste and minimal draw on natural resources, it complies with EPA and USDA regulations.

Chistov, who earned a B.S. in Medical Science, has long believed in the benefits of marijuana for alleviating pain and aiding sleep disorders. As soon as the U.S. market opened, the Israeli-born investor was on board.

“We produce the best cannabis that we can and found ways to package it while maintaining its integrity,” said Chistov. He points to the company’s organic growing facility’s irrigation, responsible gardening, and lighting as a means of pioneering the science of hemp preservation.


Wellness has always been a priority for Spinster Sisters Co. After learning about the adverse health effects of some skincare ingredients, Perkins crafted her first batch of soap in 1994.

Herbal Salve with CBD from Spinster Sisters Co.
Spinster Sister Co.’s Muscle Stuff, Herbal Salve and Body Lotion Bar offer shoppers a range of offerings in this category.

Her collection is made with essential oils, minimally processed plant oils, and botanicals. In April 2019, it

Honest Marijuana’s team is committed to zero waste and minimal draw on natural resources. Honest Marijuana’s top-selling Powerful Fast Pain Relief Hemp Cream utilizes high-quality hemp oil. Circle 281. GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 81

entered the CBD market. “We rolled out our best-selling non-CBD products in CBD form. They were tried-and-true best sellers and sales are strong,” said Perkins.

The CBD collection includes Muscle Stuff, Herbal Salve, Body Lotion Bar, and Bath Butta’ Bombs. Since integrity has always been paramount, each item has a QR code that links with the COA. An FDA required disclaimer is included.

Developed as a natural alternative to conventional rubs, Muscle Stuff is crafted with organic, non-GMO, THC-free CBD distillate and boasts habañero peppers, and menthol. A top selling item, Muscle Stuff was recognized with a 2020 Expo West NEXTY Award for New Hemp-CBD Product. Available at independent retailers, the suggested retail is $33. Next up is a CBD body oil roller set to launch shortly.

Chroma Mosswood Candle from Northern Lights Candles
Northern Lights Candles moved into this product category with its hemp-infused Chroma CBD Candle.

In September, Adoratherapy will unveil Moodzee — CBD-based scents for body, mind and spirit. “The sense of smell is the only one biologically linked to our limbic system, which is the ‘brain’ of our emotions. The constituents found in essential oils align with our biochemistry and communicate with our cells while balancing the brain and rejuvenating mind and body,” said Adoratherapy’s founder and CEO Laura McCann. The suggested retail for the 10 ml. roller balls is $20.

Beyond beauty, there’s pain relief. Honest Marijuana’s product collection, which sells on Amazon, includes a range of Hemp Theory-branded items. Suggested retails range from $20 to $30.

The company’s top-selling Powerful Fast Pain Relief Hemp Cream utilizes high-quality hemp oil and leverages Nanobidiol Technology. This decreases the size of cannabinoid molecules while boosting water-solubility, enabling more hemp to enter the bloodstream. This translates to quicker relief for its key demographic of consumers aged 30 to 75.

CBD Collection from PFN Natural
PUREfactory Naturals CBD collection is a proprietary formula of Certified THC free handcrafted CBD products that is organically grown, third party tested, and made in the USA.

On a mission to usher some relaxation into home spaces, Northern Lights launched the hemp-infused Chroma CBD Candle. “Chroma has much to offer customers that have yet to experience CBD and find interest in its colors or fragrances,” said Northern Lights’ Kane.

Available in earthy Mosswood, refreshing Citrus Ginseng, musky Palo Santo, and green Cactus Root, the candles are housed in a geometric glass vessel with a thermochromic finish. As the candle burns, the glass changes color. The fragrances are hand poured in the U.S. Made of soy wax blend, CBD oil, and a hemp wick, the chic candles are available at specialty shops, the suggested retail is $30.


When shopping for these items, Honest Marijuana’s Chistov doesn’t believe customers are even aware of what they’re looking for. “Education is a driving component,” said Chistov. He suggested retailers educate themselves about technology and innovation, and display educational signage highlighting the benefits.

Spinster Sisters Co.’s Perkins advised retailers to keep CBD products merchandised separately. “Make sure signage highlights that these products contain CBD and that they’re limited to ages 18 and older,” said Perkins. Laws vary from state-to-state, so stay abreast of guidelines. Check with vendors to ensure they follow production and registration guidelines, and secure vendor agreements to ensure ongoing compliance.

Regina Molaro

Regina Molaro is a freelance writer who covers art and design, fashion,beauty, and home décor. She can be reached at

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