Spring 2011
The Write Displays By Becky Tyre

Stationery displays can’t simply be papered over. You need fresh ideas to create displays that are vibrant and cross-merchandised effectively. Here are some strategies that help.

This table/wall combination display has all the right elements. Encompassing the recipe books, cards and coupon organizers in boxes on the wall is not only more interesting than a standard shelf, it provides an additional area to place the potted plant props. The wooden boxes fit well with the botanical theme and a few extra boxes serve as risers for the tabletop display

Weathered vintage boxes and drawers make good display fixtures in a store that carries handcrafted and recycled products. Especially with items like post cards and individually wrapped greeting cards, it enables a customer to “thumb through” the cards while containing lots of product into a defined area.

Tiered displays allow for added product visibility and increase the merchandising capacity of an area. They also create height in the display, adhering to one of the basic rules of merchandising. Placing the rolls of wrapping paper in a pail on top adds to the height and works well to contain a product that can be unruly to display.

A ladder-style display—quite similar to a towel rack display—is a tidy way to show gift wrap sold in single sheets. This merchandising option helps protect a delicate product from loss due to damage from handling. Here the two ladders also serve to frame the rest of the stationery effectively.

Products are usually displayed in groups by vendor, theme, category, color or a combination of these elements. Props are easily added when creating a theme display. In this case, a birdbath and birdhouse were added to accentuate the spring bird-themed journals. Choosing props does not have to be difficult. Sometimes the best choices are the obvious ones. Props can be specially purchased to accentuate your merchandise or simply be relevant products that you sell in another area of your shop. When choosing the latter, consider tagging the props with a price, as shown here.

Editor’s note: GIFT SHOP magazine thanks the retailers who graciously shared their ideas with us for this article.

Becky Tyre

Becky Tyre is the senior trends editor for GIFT SHOP Magazine and the owner of the Retail Details blog.

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