Fall 2012
Trick or Tweet By Becky Tyre

Flighty Displays

  • Perch crows on a chandelier with cobwebs
  • Add impact through repetition in displays. Use multiple birds in groups for a scary Hitchcockian effect.

Step aside Casper. Halloween’s grown up and going to the birds.

Why Birds?

Birds have always been part of dark folklore. Ancient cultures viewed crows, ravens, owls and vultures as evil and demonic. There’s something inherently creepy about birds that feed on the dead, making them a perfect symbol for Halloween.

Black birds have joined witches, skeletons, vampires and ghosts as popular Halloween home decor items. Gift manufacturers and retailers recognize the appeal of these dark feathered friends who are coming to roost in store displays and retail shelves this fall.

Becky Tyre

Becky Tyre is the senior trends editor for GIFT SHOP Magazine and the owner of the Retail Details blog.

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