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Customers Tote Green

Reusable totes: packing with pride The conditions were ripe for green bags to take off in a big way. First came the increased public awareness of the risks of global warming. Then, there are the... more »

Best Sellers in… Honolulu, Hawaii

Kama'aina Spirit Sales Warm trade winds, the soft scent of plumeria after the morning rain, and lulling waves crashing against pristine white sand beaches—these are the typical images that come to mind when one thinks... more »

A Season to Sell

To everything there is a season. Anyone who has a store in a beach town or a ski resort knows that that statement surely includes retailing. Seasonal retailers may have stores in places where there... more »

Resort Retail: Room to Grow

Help them treat themselves Resort gift store retailers know: while on vacation, people are more likely to spend and indulge on themselves than they otherwise would. Pamela Joy Ring will also attest to this. She... more »

Greening Home Accents

Boring to beautiful It is a truth well known in retail: When form and function are married together well in a product, it sells well. When it comes to green products, there is even an... more »

The Dawn of New Age

New Age goes mainstream The term New Age embraces a wide spectrum of products. Just ask Susie Hare, show manager for the International New Age Trade Show headquartered in Denver, CO. Hare points out that... more »

Profit From Private Label

Brand reinforcement It would be safe to say that at least in New England, the Black Dog Tavern on Martha's Vineyard has quite the following. What started as a simple eatery decades ago is now... more »

What are some successful strategies for pricing inventory?

What are some successful strategies for pricing inventory? When do you need to markdown and by how much? Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa 913.432.8969 CuriousSofa.comFor me, pricing inventory is all... more »

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