museums&MORE Summer 2015

California Healin’ – Comforts Gift Shop meshes amid Monterey Peninsula surroundings

Most people would find California's gorgeous Monterey Peninsula therapeutic in itself. The popular tourist area features majestic scenery and unmatched amenities, including world-class golf, shopping ... more

Editor’s Letter: Have you done your EMV homework?

Human beings often make peace with their own procrastination upon finding out they're not alone in putting off an unwelcome task.This starts as early as grade school, where anxious children arrive wit... more

Greens & Gifts: Tower Hill Botanic Garden a horticultural paradise

As buyer and manager of the gift shop at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts, Judy Coughlin knows that in New England, flowers and lush green plants are easy to come by in the spring ... more

Iffat Khan

Director of Product Development & Gifts Iffat KhanRoman Inc.Bloomingdale, Illinois What is your retail background? My first retail career move was with Target Corporation as the head designer fo... more

Made in America: U.S. consumers want U.S. products, but there is a limit

Buy American. It's a slogan attributed to, or at least mass marketed by, the United Auto Workers Union during the 1970s and early '80s. Many others have followed — "Made in the USA," "Buy Local" ... more

SEA LIFE Michigan: Where sales and conservation make a tidal gift shop story

The SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium opened only four months ago in Auburn Hills and has since experienced nothing short of a wave of retail success. Located in Great Lakes Crossing Mall, SEA LIFE cut it... more

Susan Noyes

Retail Manager Susan NoyesFriendly Shop and the Boutique at South Shore HospitalWeymouth, Massachusetts MM: What is your retail background?My career in retail began back in 1985. My husband was a s... more

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Steps to create the strongest sales team possible

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