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Feline fans looking for high-quality products

Cats are wonderful companions due to their ease of care, cleanliness, affordability, independence and of course their cute antics. The 2019-2020 American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey concluded that 42.7 million U.S. households own a pet.

With more people welcoming cats to their family and an increase in attention paid to cats’ health; it’s no surprise that higher quality products are on the rise. These fun and health-inspired products make a wonderful addition to retail stores, as well as ideal go-to gifts for cat lovers!


There are many situations that can cause cats to become on edge. For example, moving to a new home, traveling, nail trimming or a trip to the vet, are just a few examples. CBD (cannabidiol) can be an effective, natural solution to minimize anxiety for cats without harmful side effects. As CBD for pets becomes increasingly popular, it is crucial pet owners find trustworthy and transparent brands.

Certified organic and Colorado grown, Suzie’s CBD Treats offers CBD Tincture Oil, which promotes overall health, wellness and anxiety support for cats. Suzie’s full-spectrum, human grade and third-party lab CBD Tincture Oil is a gift for cats who need more chill and tranquility.


Pet House Wax Melt

Most pet families would agree — we love our cats, but not the odors that come with them! Especially that not-so-pleasant scent coming from the litter box. Specially formulated for animal lovers, Pet House Wax Melts by One Fur All doesn’t just mask odors — it eliminates them! While other air care products work by just covering up smells, One Fur All’s Wax Melts contains an effective odor neutralizer.

Wax Melts are made in the USA without dyes or artificial preservatives, and are safe for pets, children and everyone in between. It makes a great gift for pet-friendly homes and comes in a variety of fragrances — Lavender Green Tea, Fresh Citrus, Lilac Garden, or Bamboo Watermint are fun options for the summer season.


Scratch Square Feline Flying Fish by DeVora
Scratch Square Feline Flying Fish by De’ Vora.

Scratch Square, health and wellness toys are a multipurpose product crafted for proper pet engagement and top notch grooming. Scratch Square is a product of De’ Vora; a brand with a strong passion for pets and pet people.

Scratch Square serves as an emery board for pets and it will file a cat’s nails and save owners the stress of nail clipping — an activity that is usually stressful for both cat and owner. Simply put a treat inside and let the cat scramble for it. The graded surface of the toy will gently and automatically file their nails without inflicting any pain. This is a gift option with many attractive features: pet safe materials, is eco-friendly, entices play, supports cognitive development and increases exercise.


Flow for UT Health from InClover Research
Flow for UT Health from InClover Research.

Urinary tract infections are all too common in cats. InClover Research offers a variety of all-natural supplements, including Flow for cats, which is scientifically formulated for UT health. The recipe consists of natural dandelion leaf, cranberry, prebiotics and gentle herbs that are designed to work together to optimize UT support.


Flow’s formula works to help your cat increase his water consumption without salt, to hydrate the cat properly. This is a thoughtful gift option as it supports a cat’s comfort and wellbeing.


Companion Cat World
Companion Cat World Program.

Companion Cat World (CCW) is a program sponsored by the Cat Fanciers’ Association to enhance all cats’ lives with love, care and celebration. While show cats and breed registries have been a part of CFA’s founding in 1906, the organization is built on a deep love and respect for all cats—no matter their breed. Today, non-pedigreed companion cats make up more than 95% of the cat population.

CFA welcomes all cat owners and their felines to join this special program. CCW is specifically for kitties who are alumni of rescues and shelters; to showcase their beauty and unique talents. Lifetime CCW membership is just $13, and CFA proudly donates a portion of fees toward supporting the wellbeing of cats in feral, rescue and shelter situations. A CCW membership makes a nice counter display for pet retail stores, since consumers today gravitate towards purchasing charitable gifts, and recipients appreciate gifts donating to a cause they care about.


• Put items by the front counter. These cat products all come in highly visible enticing packaging with an eye-catching signage that will likely capture a costumers’ attention at checkout. The best point-of- purchase impulse products are small, inexpensive and self-explanatory.

• Educate your staff about them. Knowledge is one of the most important things a local business can offer today. Although customers today tend to research products online, speaking to a well-informed employee still has higher value for many people.

• Rotate your window offerings to include new seasonally attractive merchandise. People love the changing seasons and merchandise to go with! Window and sidewalk displays can attract foot traffic and help you stand out from surrounding stores. Remember: more is not always better. Keep it simple and appealing.

Dana Humphrey

Dana Humphrey is a Life Coach and Death Doula at She is also an advisory beechhead for NZTE, owner of Whitegate PR, partner at the NYC Retails and Sales Pet Expo, and she is "The Pet Lady." Humphrey is also a marketing course instructor for entrepreneurs and professor and enjoys life as a cat mama to Chance and Sassy. She lives in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens, New York. She may be found on Facebook: ThePetLady; Twitter: @petladyworld and #thepetlady; and on YouTube. For more information, visit

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