Fall 2012
Impulsive Behaviors By Becky Tyre

A little thought and effort devoted to merchandising impulse-buying areas can pay off in increased average sales this holiday season.

Impulse Merchandise!

Impulse buys occur when shoppers purchase products they had not planned on buying. Strategically placed at or near the checkout area, customers frequently pick up items while waiting to pay.

Traffic Stop

When placed in a high-traffic area, a Christmas tree becomes a fixture for selling merchandise. In addition to ornaments, trees can be used to display jewelry, baby items, kitchen tools, hair accessories, gift cards and any small products that come on a hang card. Unless a tree is strictly for decoration, encourage customers to take it off the tree, if they like what they see. Duplicate merchandise can be placed in baskets beneath the tree.

Tip: To encourage the purchase of stocking stuffers, create a display of stockings near a tree merchandised with stocking-sized products.

Getting Carded

On the slim chance that a customer didn’t find the perfect gift for someone on their shopping list, suggest the purchase of gift cards or gift certificates by displaying them in your checkout area.

Gifts to Go

Pre-wrapped gifts like candles and gourmet candies are ideal for impulse buys and last-minute purchases. By displaying one unwrapped example of each product, the packages create an appealing countertop display.

Tip: Consider wrapping several in white and silver packaging to provide choices for recipients who may not celebrate Christmas. Such items will hold over for New Year’s Party hostess gifts as well.

Gotta Have It!

Here are some suggestions for impulse buys that work

  • Candles or other scented products
  • Boxed thank-you note cards
  • Wine bottle covers and stoppers
  • Products with humorous or sentimental sayings

Becky Tyre

Becky Tyre is the senior trends editor for GIFT SHOP Magazine and the owner of the Retail Details blog.

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