Meet the Maker: Brutus Broth

Sue Delegan & Kim Hehir | @Brutusbroth | Owings, Maryland

Sue Delegan & Kim Hehir founded Brutus Broth after a Thanksgiving dinner discussion back in 2016. It took 18 months for the Maryland-based company to go from concept to product launch. The duo lives by the motto, “If it were easy, everyone would do it,” and they’re endeavors prove the saying right.

What was the idea behind starting your own company? Sue adopted Brutus, an extra-large mixed breed from a high kill shelter. He was very sick and had no fur. Sue nursed him back to health with a bone broth that our mom always made. Since then, Sue has added a little bone broth to his kibble. Brutus (135 pounds) lived until he was 13.5. People always asked how Brutus lived such a long healthy, active life, to which we answered, “love and grandma’s bone broth!”

Best-sellers: We currently have 2 SKUs: Chicken Bone Broth and Beef Bone Broth. The beef outsells chicken 2 to 1.

What will the next five years look like for Brutus Broth? We are introducing new products such as chicken and beef biscuits as well as Brutus on the Go.

Current Instagram obsessions: @Projectk9hero; @goldenretrieversbr; @ranger_hawaii; @sheshashumba

Theme song: “Girls Rule the World” by the Haschak Sisters, or “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

Brutus Broth mascots, Bronson and Cedric.

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