museums&MORE Summer 2009

Aloha Aina, Malama Aina

Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apua. What is that, you ask?The Hawaiian name means nose like a pig" and it's actually a Reef Trigger fish, the state fish of Hawaii. It's also a great selling point for the Natura... more

Editor’s Letter

I would feel remiss if I didn't mention the financial crisis our economy is currently dealing with. I won't tell you what you already know: things are tight. We're all doing what we can to make ends m... more

Editor’s Letter

Although it's not the most intellectual movie to quote, I distinctly remember a line in What About Bob" from Bill Murray where he decides to "take a vacation from his problems." For a (very) brief per... more

KidSmart Educational Gift Shop

Considering that the Miami Children's Museum (MCM) is one of the top 10 largest children's museums in the country, it would stand to reason that the KidSmart Educational Gift Shop inside would be expe... more

Regional Retail

As much as some curators might hate to admit it, there's more to the museum experience than just the exhibits. And that's why local and regional products can be such a valuable category for museum sto... more

The Store Room

How would you define a 'souvenir' and what are the best-selling souvenirs in your store? What makes them so popular?"Bob WolzHarry S. Truman Little White House SHSKey West, Fla.In the broadest sense, ... more

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