Mar 21, 2019
New Fuzzles have arrived at Douglas

If you’ve been a fan of Fuzzles from Douglas Company then check out the evolution of these new Fuzzles in the category of fine feathered, fantasy and sequined.

Roxanne the Black Toucan is a member of the Fine Feathered Fuzzle collection. She is 13 inches long and all kinds of pretty. Her body is classic black with large hot pink feet. Her traditional toucan beak displays all the bright colors of a rainbow. Her wings flaunt extra- long plush fur in bright citrus colors. Her beautiful eyes encased in hot pink plush boast the most beautiful long eyelashes. But , perhaps her most captivating feature is her brightly colored sequined chest.

Vivian the Pink Toucan Fuzzle displays all the same qualities and beauty of Roxanne her fine feathered equal except that her body is hot pink with large pale pink feet. She, too, is 13 inches long and full of all the same gorgeous features from her long eyelashes to her sequined chest.

Phyllis the Flamingo Fuzzle is beautiful in her own rite.  She is 11 inches tall with 8-inch long legs. She exhibits all the plush textures.

Her coloring is signature pink flamingo with a chest full of brilliantly colored sequins. Her black sequined nose is quite prominent suggesting she is full of personality.
Veda the Unicorn Fuzzle is 14 inches long sitting and gorgeous in shades of dark turquoise. Her prominent unicorn horn is silver, while her hooves and top of her head shimmer in sparkling sequins.  Her body and mane are covered in long silky soft fur with a hint of lavender. She, too, has long lush eyelashes.
Coco the Platypus Fuzzle is perhaps the biggest in this new Fuzzle assortment at 21 inches long. Coco exudes personality with her defined ultra-long lashes. She is gorgeous in turquoise with hints of lavender throughout. Her prominent tail is completely sequined in turquoise.
Fuzzles are ultra-floppy, ultra-soft, great for play, as well as adding the perfect finishing touch to any room décor. Designed for ages 3 and up, these latest Fuzzles are expected on store shelves in mid-March 2019. DOUGLAS’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA

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