Jun 25, 2021
Share Your Story: Aquabun

A maker who creates original paintings, gifts, jewelry and more.

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Liana Stadelmann, founder of Aquabun, is a watercolor artist who specializes in original fantasy animal paintings. Stadelmann has been drawing since she was three years old and has had an “obsession with all things fantasy, mermaids in particular” ever since.


Aquabun watercolor artwork

“My passion and focus on watercolors began about 6 years ago, though I’m always experimenting with new mediums and techniques. Along with creating my original paintings, I also make various types of merchandise, including giclée prints, coloring books, bookmarks, jewelry, greeting cards and stickers — all of my original designs. I am currently working on writing and illustrating my first children’s book that will include my mythical animal characters” she shared.

Aquabun Stickers

Stadelmann is always searching for gift shops and art galleries that would be interested in her work, and she offers retailers wholesale pricing for bulk orders.

Marketing & Sales

Aquabun offered artwork online prior to COVID-19, and that marketing was helpful during the challenges the pandemic created in the retail industry.

Aquabun's artwork

“I try to make it as simple and easy as possible for customers to find and purchase my work online by both linking my main online shop on all of my social media as well as having ways to directly purchase through social media outlets themselves, such as Facebook and Instagram Shops,” Stadelmann said. “I also have a variety of ways that I can be contacted online to make it easy to connect with my business.”

Aquabun offers artistic jewelry

Aquabun communicates with its customers through emails, social media and also utilizes digital ads to disseminate import information. Through its email campaigns, it offers free digital downloads and coupons for subscribing to the email list.

Aquabun offers artistic jewelry

Currently, Aquabun does not exhibit at the industry’s large tradeshows, it does participate in local and regional shows in a variety of states, such as California, Georgia, South Carolina and others.

Merchandise Display Tips

Stadelmann’s tips are formulated from her experience on vendor and trade shows, and explained that the tips can be applied to product displays in retail shops. “I recommend going on Pinterest and even just Google and searching for ‘art retail display’ or ‘art fair booth’ and bookmarking layouts you like. I also highly recommend sketching out some layout ideas in advance and just ordering a few display pieces at a time,” she said. “There are some great displays you can find simply on amazon, though I recommend finding someone with carpentry skills that can make you some custom displays. This way it is customized specifically to showing off your products and can be less expensive as well.”

Many makers and retailers can learn from one another. We encourage you to Share Your Story so we may in turn share it with others in the industry.

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