Jan 31, 2019
Tips for keeping your dogs safe this winter

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, it’s important to be sure you keep your dog visible in the dim light of twilight and beyond. With this in mind, Ultra Paws has released several new products to keep you and your dog safe.

Dog Coats & Vests

Ultra Paws has a newly designed Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat, which is made with fabric that appears normal in standard light, but is highly reflective in dark light.

Ultra Paws Reflective Comfort Coat. Photo: Brian’s Farm & Fleet

The new and improved version of the Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat is made with advanced reflective fabric that dog owners will love, printed in fabric patterns designed specifically for Ultra Paws. It has the standard Ultra Paws features: a spot for leash attachment, easy girth adjustment and a foldable collar — plus extra D-rings so that extra lights can be attached to the coat.

You can also use the Ultra Paws Red Plaid Cozy Coat to keep your pup warm. The Cozy Coat has extended chest and abdomen protection, generous hook and loop adjustment through the girth, an adjustable collar, and an opening to attach a leash.

Dog Boots & Socks

Dog boots can help your pup in so many ways. Maybe you live in a cold climate and need protection from snow, ice and salt, or the opposite, a hot climate where the sand or asphalt can get blistering hot. Maybe you don’t even need the boots for the elements, but just to help your dog stand up on slippery surfaces, or to protect a paw wound. That’s why Ultra Paws has dog boots and socks for all kinds of weather.

For most pet parents, the go-to boot is the Durable Dog Boot. It’s a great all-around boot with two straps, two foam pads to hold it in place, and a pliable, protective sole. Durable Dog Boots are great for ice, for helping to prevent slipping, to protect from snow and to protect from scratching.

If you find yourself and your pup walking on salted sidewalks or other chemicals, PawTectors are a great option. Not only are they warm, but they’re waterproof. This makes them great for slushy or wet conditions.

Ultra Paws knows that as some dogs age, they can struggle to keep a grip on slippery floors, such as wood or tile. Ultra Paws Traction boots are designed specifically to help your dog indoors and protect your floors. Traction boots are thick, grippy, soft and breathable.

Even though the nights are getting long, don’t worry. Ultra Paws products are here to help keep your dog safe and visible to you can make the most of your time with your dog- no matter what the season.

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