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Boó Oh By Debbie Eisele

Timeless, minimalist designs created for function and style

Jay Sae Jung Oh felt the pet market needed products crafted with high caliber materials. With a passion for artistic and minimalist designs, she launched Boó Oh to create quality pet products designed for modern life to fill that niche.

Jay Sae Jung Oh, owner of Boo Oh
Jay Sae Jung Oh, owner of Boó Oh

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Oh holds two master degrees. Her artistic background has enabled her business to flourish with her unique concept and designs. She now resides in Seattle where she continues to build her business and its offerings. The path she traveled from her initial concept to now is brimming with creativity and freshness.

GSP: What was the inspiration which launched Boó Oh and what is your “wow” factor?

JSJO: I was gifted with a lovely Frenchie by my now husband a few years ago, her name is Boo. A few years in the making and about a year ago, I launched the Boó Oh brand. I can’t avoid thinking that Boo has been my muse.

Boo inspired the launch of Boo Oh
Boo inspired the creation of Boo Oh

GSP: How did you decide what products to offer?

JSJO: I started from the most basic needs for dog owners and for any type of dogs: the leather and anodized aluminum Lumi Leash and Collar, the silk and leather rope and Ray Harness, and the Toto Bag to carry the waste bags in an easy and stylish way. The Toto bag can fit both lines and all products are offered in a variety of colors to fit most preferences.

GSP: What types of products do you offer for pet owners?

JSJO: Lumi Leash and collar, Ray Harness and Toto Bag. We also offer our followers a music playlist, curated by us, for any mood and day of the week while walking their furry friends, in the hope music will add a layer of beauty to their daily moments.

Boó Oh product offerings

GSP: What is unique about Boó Oh?

JSJO: Our products are patented, that is why they are deeply unique from the rest of the offerings in the market. Their design was never seen before: the circular anodized aluminum handle of the Lumi Leash makes it as luxurious as a purse can be. 

The Ray Harness is made by one single piece of silk rope, which easily wraps around your dog’s chest and that can be easily regulated in size. The Toto Bag is made to be hung either on the ring handle of the Lumi Leash or on the rope handle of the Ray Harness; its magnetic flap and opening in the back of the case are made for seamless access.

Boo Oh minimalistic leash designs

GSP: Do you offer any seasonal or limited edition items?

JSJO: Not necessarily, although the range of colors we offer can be associated with seasons and themes.

GSP: What are your best-sellers?

JSJO: The Ray Harness gradually is becoming a must-have.

GSP: Are there any ideas you’ve had for items that just didn’t work as you expected?

JSJO: Of course, tons of them! As a designer myself we try out many different ideas into production, until the perfect product comes to fruition. We meticulously obsess over the quality and the details of our collections. 

GSP: Are there current trends in the industry which impact products you sell?

JSJO: Not really, I take myself and my close circle of friends as a sample of what dog owners might like and need. Then we develop our products with a timeless design for long-term use.

GSP: What are your goals for future business growth or offerings?

JSJO: As our products fit people’s homes so well, we are looking into expanding our lines with objects that are not only comfortable to wear for our furry companions but also nice to be displayed at home.

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Debbie Eisele

Debbie Eisele is the former managing editor for Gift Shop Plus, Stationery Trends and a variety of special issue publications, including: The Guide, Holiday Shop, Celebrations & Occasions and Waterfront Living.

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