Jan 4, 2019
Top 5 trends in 2018 for pets

Pet Food Express (PFE) is sharing the top 5 trends for California pets in 2018, and they include a bigger focus on nutrition, alternative therapies and intellectual stimulation for pets. The Oakland-based company is basing the information on sales figures this past year from its 60+ stores in Northern and Southern California.

Americans spent record amounts on their pets in 2018. Industry projections show $72 billion on food, products, training and veterinarian visits. That’s up $3 billion from last year and double from 2005 (AmericanPetProducts.com).

Top 5 best-selling and/or fastest growing product-types at PFE stores in 2018:

1. HEMP – All things related to pet relief

This is the biggest trend Pet Food Express has seen this year. It’s important to note that the FDA does not allow medical claims about hemp products for pets. “Still, pet guardians are doing their own research,” said Michael Levy, owner of Pet Food Express. “Increasingly customers are coming to our stores to buy hemp oils for their dogs and cats.” Levy also cautioned “pet-specific CBD products are derived from hemp, not marijuana. Never give marijuana products to pets.”

2. Human grade food for dogs

Just Food for Dogs products available at PFE use human-grade meats and produce to make its small batch, home cooked pet food. “This is truly a whole new way to feed your pet,” said PFE owner Michael Levy. “The recipes were created by a team of nine veterinarians.” Sales are up significantly this year on JFFD as well as other raw and dehydrated pet food products.

3. Healthy chew alternatives for dogs:

The trend away from rawhide-chews was evident in sales at all Pet Food Express stores from Pasadena to Sacramento to San Francisco. The Earth Anima No-Hide™ Chew is an easily digestible chew made from American farm-raised chicken with no added hormones, steroids or chemicals.

4. Bathing your own pet rather than the going to the groomer

The self-service dog wash at Pet Food Express continues to grow in sales as more pet guardians want to be with their dogs during grooming. The dog wash provides raised tubs and water-proof aprons as well as leash clips and natural shampoos.

5. Mentally stimulating toys for your cat

There’s a large collection of new products to satisfy intellectual curiosity in cats and dogs. The Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball is one example. It uses sensor-activation to tap into your cat’s instincts to observe and track prey. The “ball creates satisfying play with its sensor-activated action,” according to the Jackson Galaxy website.

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